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Bush Kinder

Consultancy, Professional support, Training 

Meet Bush Kinder Doug 

Founder Bush Kinder 

Doug Fargher is the creator and founder of Bush Kinder in Australia. The ensuing Bush Kindergarten movement that has blossomed as a consequence, sprang from many years of establishing, piloting and working with academics and government bodies to establish this robust and important Bush Kinder program. ‘Bush Kinder Doug’ as he has come to be known; is an educational innovator, a sought after speaker, writer, trainer of educators and consultant. He is a contributing author to The Anti-Bias Approach in Early Childhood (3rd and 4th Edition), and together with Claire Warden edited Beyond the Gate. Doug is a board member of the IANP (International Association of Nature Pedagogy), and on the steering committee of ECOLN (Early Childhood Outdoor Learning Network). Bush Kinder Doug remains a hands on educator with over 25 years of teaching and directing

Meet Amelia
Why Naturopathy

Why Bush Kinder?

Yellow Flower

Children who learn in nature have improved psychological well-being, including being less stressed.

Chawla 2015


Children who play regularly in natural environments show advanced motor fitness and they are sick less often

Fjortoft 2001, Grahn 1997

Environmental intelligence

Caring for the Earth and the life upon it, Bush  Kinder children display an improved knowledge of the natural world.


Children who play in nature have more positive feelings about each other.

Moore 1996


Interaction with nature enhances cognitive function.

Kaplan & Berman 2010

 A Better Future 

Bush Kinder children will be equiped to make the world a better place. 

Your Bush Kinder Adventure Starts Here

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